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UM Kórnik
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Kórnik commune is very attractive to tourists not only because of its monuments but also because of the beautiful recreational grounds situated along the lakes of the Kórnik – Zaniemyśl Valley and also along the Warta River flood waters. The climate is friendly and there are lots of forests. Its main assets are the woods and Kórnickie Lakes, which together with Zaniemyskie Lakes form a chain called „The Kórnicko-Zaniemyska Gutter”. The biggest lakes are situated very close and separated only by a narrow isthmus, that is: Bnińskie (225, 9 ha), Kórnickie (81, 9 ha) and Skrzyneckie Duże (91, 5 ha).
The woods entirely protected and covering about 27% of the commune area, make the landscape even more attractive. Fir trees dominate in the stands; among the deciduous trees the most popular are oak, beech, alder and ash. The vast forest areas, the largest of which are situated around Skrzynki, Borówiec, Kamionki, Konarskie and Czmoń, are refuge and breeding ground for many species of animals and rare plants. The basin of Kórnickie lakes is a legally protected, landscape area designated for recreation.
The eastern edge of Rogaliski Landscape Park (about 434 ha) adjoins the villages of Trzykolne Młyny and Czmoniec. This section of the Park has a dense network of old riverbeds and Warta overflow arms, which create the unique landscape of marshy woods.

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